Kevin Vandivier

March 30-April 2, 2017


Are you ready for another great Texas wildflower season? The 2017 wildflower season is looking very promising! We are expecting spectacular fields this year to shoot and we will be teaching unique techniques on how to shoot wildflowers. Your instructor, Kevin Vandivier is the former Picture Editor for Texas Highways Magazine and has seen and judged millions of wildflower photos. Since this workshop is our most popular, we recommend you sign up early.  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



  • Scouting the right time for the right location.
  • Which lens is best for shooting wildflowers.
  • When and how to use multiple flashes .
  • Creative uses with color balances.
  • Tricks the pro's use.
  • When to shoot for color and when to shoot for B&W.
  • Creative lighting techniques that will separate you from the rest.
  • Seeing the unique image and avoiding the cliché




We will meet and start the Workshop at TPW Wildflower Workshop Headquarters (HQ) in Marble Falls, Texas at 5 pm on Thursday evening. After socializing for a short time, the opening presentation, Kevin will talk about his approaches to shooting in the field. Saturday morning will start with shooting a field of wildflowers in the sweetness of dawns first light. Breakfast will follow! After breakfast, we will break to enjoy some free time. Lunchtime will bring us back together for some good food and a short lecture and demo. Afterwards,  photographers will be released to shoot somemore beautiful wildflower photos using the demonstarted techniques just taught. Shortly before sunset, everyone will hook-up with kevin to once again head out to shoot another field in the "golden hour" light. Sunday morning student will be encouraged to start the day with shooting wildflowers at first light. Afterwards, all will return to HQ for breakfast followed by Kevin demonstarting some key photoshop techniques and final critiques. The workshop will end when everyone’s questions have been answered!





Besides a true desire to learn, students will need one digital SLR, lenses, the camera manual, a laptop, at least one strobe set up for off camera triggering, a laptop with photoshop or lightroom loaded on it, A rechargable multi million candlelight power flashlight (academy or cabelas) and a pen. 

 The cost of this expedition is only $899. Call now to get signed up at 512-636-7134