Kevin Vandivier

October 5-8, 2017

Traveling the world, photographers will find many beautiful lands, but few compare to the wild unique beauty around Jackson Hole, Wyoming, The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park! This adventure will teach you to photograph this beauty in ways few others have achieved. Why shoot what you can simply buy at the local postcard rack! Tetons Fall Colors will teach you about the power of natural light and how to blend it with light painting techniques. You will be shown some secret locations to shoot the Grand Tetons from very few know exist. You will also have multiple opportunities to photograph the parks abundant wildlife. This Photo Adventure will not only increase your porfolio of images, but will advance your learning process by years.

Learn to find the reflective angle of natural light in the captivating beauty of the Jackson area of Wyoming. Learn what can be done with a single flash or multiple flashes with shooting wild Wyoming Cowboys. Learn what can be done with flashlights as we light paint famous barns and other incredible scenes. We will show you ways to combine lighting techiniqes when shooting your photos. Finally, all is tied together at workshop central as your instructor will teach you many Photoshop techniques very important for finishing the job. Ansel Adams taught us that shooting the photo is only half the job. What you do in the darkroom is what makes the difference.


Thursday night we will gather together for a social get together. It is always great to make new friends! Friday morning we will all head out for our first shoot! After this very informative demo shoot, you will have a chance to shoot as well. In fact, everything I shoot, you will shoot. After each shoot, we will process through what just happened. All questions will be answered. After some free time, we will all return to workshop central for lunch, critiques and post production classes. We will then break again for more free time, but gather again in time to travel to our evening shoot. We will do it again on Saturday, plus learn to swim and hopefully not doggy style. You will be paired up and given a couple of assignments to finish on your own. Come Sunday morning we will meet for a multimedia presentation of everyones work from the workshop and enjoy one last lunch together before we all head our seperate ways.


Kevin Vandivier is our main instructor and the former Award Winning Photography Editor for Texas Highways Magazine. He has also shot for many of the top magazines, including National Geographic Society, Life Magazine, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and Texas Monthly. More of his work can be seen at www.kevinv.com and www.gallerv.com Kevin is most proud of the 3 children he raised, two of which themselves have become very successful professional photographers and film producers.


We will be basing our workshop at The historic Alpenhof Hotel in Teton Village. We also highly recommend booking them for your lodging. This place is a cozy hotel with great rooms and fantastic food. You will need to call them to book your room directly. Here is a link to thier website...



Besides a true desire to learn, you will need one digital SLR, at least a 20mm wide angle or a wide angle zoom that was 20mm in its range, a fast 50mm (1.8 minimum),  a telephoto or telephoto zoom, at least one smart flashe(three is preferred.), One-three small portable stands with flash mounts, 1-2 million power flashlight and a tripod. You will also need to bring your laptop with Photoshop loaded on the machine. 

Cost for this unique workshop is $1295.00.

What’s not included: Travel, car rental (you’ll need a car to explore the area during your freetime) lodging accommodations, meals, amenities or park fees.