Shannon Vandivier

Ansel Adams taught us all that shooting the photo is only half the job. True photographic artists learn to master the digital darkroom as well as being able to shoot beautiful images.  The photographer who only knows how to shoot pictures is really missing out on the other half of his job to make his photos everything they can be.  Photoshop is the only very powerful photographic darkroom tool.  Let us teach you the foundational principles of mastering and adjusting your digital photo files. We'll teach you how to use non-destructive digital darkroom methods. After this workshop, you'll have the skills and confidence to make your photos pop! 
Also, we have found more and more student photographers need to work at their own pace. Students are not only allowed, but encouraged to work at their own pace.

Come ready to learn how to safely and properly adjust your images. Your instructor will help you learn to use the digital darkroom to make your photos the best they can be! Each week you will be given a lesson to work through followed by an assignemnt to go shoot. Finally, you will upload your final assignment photos to be masterfully critiqued. You will learn what you did right and what you need to improve on from each assignment. In the end, you will finished both encouraged and better at post producing great images.


  • The proper preference settings.
  • Setting white and black points in your image file.
  • Sharpening techniques.
  • Metadata and copyrighting.
  • Adjusting color balance, saturation and shadows.


Besides a true desire to learn, you will need one computer with Photoshop loaded.
This class is only $199. Get signed up now, call 512-636-7134!