Digital Black and White Photography Class Online

Kevin Vandivier

Learning to shoot great B&W is essential to learning how to shoot great color photos. Shooting in B&W trains the mind's eye to see elements of design that are very important to capturing excellent photos. We will show you how to see in b&w even before you shoot the image. Nothing is more romantic, nostalgic or moving than a great b&w print. After this workshop, you will find yourself seeing your past photos in a whole new way. Photos you once thought of as "blah" in color will jump to life as b&w photos! 

Also, we have found more and more student photographers need to work at their own pace. Students are not only allowed, but encouraged to work at their own pace.


  • What makes a great B&W.
  • How to convert your file to B&W.
  • Shooting B&W Infrareds.
  • Using lines and texture in B&W images.
  • Creative tones for B&W.


Each lesson will be postedwhen you are ready. Questions concerning the lesson can be posted or emailed to your instructor to answer. After you understand the lesson, the fun begins. All will be sent out for an assignment shoot. Upon returning and performing your darkroom work, you will upload your assignment photos to be skillfully and professionally critiqued. Not only is this process fun, but it is the power behind our classes.

This class is only $199. Get signed up now! Call 512-636-7134!