Photographers Rehab-Learn the basics A-Z

Kevin Vandivier

This course was designed from decades of experience, to teach you everything you need to know to begin shooting top quality, professional images in the shortest period of time. Starting with the basics, we'll show you how to take control of your camera, how to find the photo, how to make your photo look better and much more. Also, we have found student photographers need to work at their own pace. Sign up anytime and work at your own pace. This course is 8 lessons, jammed pack of photographic knowledge. The course is taught by one of our photographers working in the industry today. Not part timers, but photographers shooting at the top in their specialties making healthy 6 figure incomes annually. Even better, no rip off video's with no real contact with your instructor. You will have a real instructor who will answer your questions and walk you through the rough spots...we all have them!

Take the PHOTO REHAB 8-step Challenge! Break old habits of shooting on automatic that produce frustrating photo results and DISCOVER the joy and freedom of shooting at your unlimited photographic potential.   


LESSON One- Learning How Your Camera Works *Photographic Relationships, Apertures, Shutter Speeds, ISO’s, Film Types

LESSON Two- The Darkroom +  *Basics in Photoshop, Captions, Key-wording, Archiving

LESSON Three- The Basics of Composition *Rule of Thirds, Lines, Counterbalances, Compositional Layering, Fusion

LESSON Four- How to use your Priority Camera Settings *Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Time Exposures

LESSON Five- Choosing Which Lens To Use *Wide Angle, Normal, Telephoto, Zoom, Macro

LESSON Six- Create The Right Color In All Lighting Conditions *Tungsten, Fluorescent, Daylight

LESSON Seven- Color or Black & White *What makes a great B&W photo, What makes a good color photo

LESSON Eight- Poetry Of Light  *Broken Light, Angles of Light, Final Thoughts 


This is an eight-lesson comprehensive online class that includes real teaching materials and assignments uploaded at the end of each lesson, followed by a Q&A with your instructor. Your photos will be critiqued by the instructor in a very professional and encouraging way. Have no fear, there will be NO “smackdowns” ! These critiques are the real power behind this class, having an A-list photographer teach you and form your photographic eye to see as he does instead of some wanna be who only has a little head knowledge and whom can only teach you to shoot the mediocrity he shoots.

Online Class Cost $399.00 To sign up call 512-636-7134 now.