PHOTO NEWBIES 102-Learning to see your photos.

Shannon Vandivier

SEEING THE LIGHT...Creativity in photography begins with understanding light and using it to your creative advantage. Then comes the multiple composition techniques. This online class will help you to see the photo before you shoot. We will teach you how to use negative space, perspectives and design elements in your photography. This class will help you find your photographic eye! 


  • Compositions-rule of thirds, using lines and shapes
  • Creative Color Balances uses.
  • Perspectives and design .
  • How to use negative space and watching out for fusion.
  • Learn the poetry of light, broken light and angles of light.


This will not be your typical online class that is actually a brag session for most photographers. After some needed lessons uploaded to the classroom forum, each will then be sent out to shoot a specific assignment, later to be uploaded and critiqued very professionally...NO SMACKDOWNS! This is the power of this workshop, the immediate constuctive feedback on your work! 
This Photography Class is only $199. SIGN UP NOW...CONTACT US 512-636-7373