PHOTO NEWBIES 101-A beginners online photo class

Shannon Vandivier

Learning the basics of photography is the first step towards becoming a great photographer yourself. Also, we have found more and more student photographers need to work at their own pace. Students are not only allowed, but encouraged to work at their own pace. This workshop will advance your learning process by weeks, if not months!

Do you struggle with what an aperture is? Do you always know which lens to use or purchase? Do you understand how to make the perfect exposure? Have you learned how to use depth of field? No worries, we will teach you all you need to know so you can tell the little tech inside your camera to take a hike. You will download your lessons, ask questions if you have any and then head out to shoot assignments. Afterward, you'll upload your best shots to be critiqued smack downs!


  • How to be in control and shoot in manual mode.
  • How little equipment you need for basic photography.
  • The relationship between the Aperture and the Shutter.
  • What is an iso and how do I choose one.
  • How to develope your minds eye to see the photo before you taake the shot.
  • Best portrait techniques
  • Basic landscape techniques
  • Basic digital workflow and darkroom techniques
  • Choosing and buying the right lenses
  • much more!
  • This Class is $199. Get signed up now, call 512-636-7134!