I Finally Felt Like Someone Was Willing to Remove the Veil of Secrecy from Lighting

Taking this class (Masters of Light) with Kevin was wonderful. I finally felt like someone was willing to remove the veil of secrecy from lighting and just show you how to do one thing and do it well in ...english. He never tried to make it seem like something only certain people could do. First he demonstrated the technique, and then we got some time to practice before we went out and found someone in the area to try the technique out on. Practical experience, and he was always there to help if we needed him.
Above all else though, he actually said that if we ever needed help with what we learned in the workshop we could just ask and he would help. No other instructor at a workshop has ever offered this, and I think it's because Kevin really loves photography, and he wants to share his knowledge and skills with others, and really help them.
I highly recommend taking a workshop with Kevin. You won't regret it. Take notes!