2010 Kevin Vandivier
2010 Kevin Vandivier
2010 Kevin Vandivier
2010 Kevin Vandivier
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2010 Kevin Vandivier
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Excellent Value for the Money

I attended the Texas Photo Workshop at Fossil Rim in Glen Rose, TX.  Quick summary:  (i) excellent value for the money (ii) 5 days focused instruction improved my ability to see and edit better images by at least 2 years (lll) highly recommended. Kevin's experience as photo editor of Texas Highways Magazine, combined with a genuine desire to help me find a stronger artistic, technical and storytelling focus really made this experience invaluable.  I found his mentoring to be very generous, and (appropriately) critical without harshness.

One of the Most Valuable Photographic Experiences I Have Ever Encountered

I am no stranger to photography courses and education, having received an Associates of Arts in Photojournalism along with my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism as well as having completed a number of post graduate courses at Brooks Institute of Photography and other photo workshops... This course (21C Photojournalism) was one of the most valuable--if not the most valuable--photographic experience I have ever encountered.

I Finally Felt Like Someone Was Willing to Remove the Veil of Secrecy from Lighting

Taking this class (Masters of Light) with Kevin was wonderful. I finally felt like someone was willing to remove the veil of secrecy from lighting and just show you how to do one thing and do it well in ...english. He never tried to make it seem like something only certain people could do. First he demonstrated the technique, and then we got some time to practice before we went out and found someone in the area to try the technique out on. Practical experience, and he was always there to help if we needed him.

Upcoming Workshops

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Ansel Adams taught us all that shooting the photo is only half the job. True photographic artists learn to master the digital darkroom as well as being able to shoot beautiful images.  The photographer who only knows how to shoot pictures is...